Aaaaah you beautiful Cartagena! The city that conquered my heart with its charming little streets filled with beautiful colorful colonial houses. Its little squares filled with street musicians, dancers and streetfood stands will make you fall in love.  Oh Cartagena, you just have it all. Located on the Caribean Coast of Colombia, this city is the perfect getaway in South-America for a short trip.

The Historical Center of Cartagena is surrounded by an ancient city wall. It is nice to climb on top of the wall and to admire the beautiful view over the city and its stunning old colonial houses.


Head into the historical center and have a chat with the charismatic locals who can advise you the best places to eat & drink. Don’t forget to eat a Ceviche, a cocktail of cold fresh fish! I had one of the best I have ever eaten in Colombia, just a little outside of the wall of the historical center, on a little square with several Ceviche stands next to each other.  Sip a fresh coconut while walking on the cobbled stone streets and enjoy some juicy fruit of the generous fruit stands you can find on every corner of the street.





IMG_7674   IMG_7671

One thing that I really love about Cartagena is the contrast in architecture. There is a mix of old and new facades which gives an interesting touch to the city.


IMG_7707   IMG_7701

As I mentioned before, the locals of Cartagena are one of the nicest people. Don’t take yourself too serious and practice your Spanish by making some good old jokes with them. In return you will receive some good advice of where to go and where not to go.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset



Then head out of the Historical Center, away from the touristy vibe, to experience the real more artsy, laidback Colombian lifestyle. Getsemani is the place to be! This neighborhood has it all. The streets are filled with amazing wall art, dance performances and even free Zumba and Salsa classes on the Plaza de la Santisima Trinidad. This square usually gets very busy in the evenings because of the little restaurants around it and it serves as a meet up point for lots of Colombians aswell as foreigners, ready for a night out.


IMG_8195   IMG_8203


IMG_8230   Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


IMG_8209   IMG_8255

Then go to the wall that is surrounding Getsemani, watch the locals playing baseball and climb on top of the wall afterwards, take some beers with you and just chill at the waterside while enjoying the sunset falling over the skyline of skyscrapers.

IMG_8260   IMG_8261

Do you think you could fall in love with Cartagena like I did?

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A wa(o)ndering soul, made in Belgium, traveling to any place that inspires me. Loving life through the lens of my Nikon D750. In love with sports such as yoga, boxing and surfing in order to escape from the world. Sunsets and sunrises are my favourite TV-shows, I could binge watch them every single day. Currently in Belgium finding my way back to reality but dreaming at the same time of making the world a better place elsewhere.

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