CONGO- The rape capital of the world or the world capital of Sisterhood and Solidarity?

What I feel is pain when thinking of all the women in Congo, in Africa, the women who were victims of sexual violence. Women who were the victim of the barbarism of crazy persons. Women who ARE victims of sexual violence because the unimaginable pain those women have lived in that exact moment and theContinue reading “CONGO- The rape capital of the world or the world capital of Sisterhood and Solidarity?”


I don’t know how to put this country into words.  It’s such a beautiful chaos in order. It’s a blanket of different pastel colors flowing into each other like a river. Its perfume consists of different smells of spices, fruits, oils, nuts and soaps. The diversity of faces in the streets is just countless. TheContinue reading “MOROCCAN DREAMING”


As I travelled, I fell in love with the sights and the views surrounding me. With places broken into ruins and places built anew. I fell in love with watching the sunrise and the sunset and wouldn’t let myself miss a single moment so I always kept my eyes wide open for every second inContinue reading “LOVE TO LOVE … EVERYTHING”


Last night, I attended the European Outdoor Film Festival. And honestly, I got one of my most inspiring moments since a long time. For a very long time, I didn’t have those moments of goosebumps or adrenaline kicking in. Weird you would think? I don’t think so. While traveling for almost 8 months in North-,Continue reading “INSPIRATION X EUROPEAN OUTDOOR FILM TOUR 18/19”


Aaaaah you beautiful Cartagena! The city that conquered my heart with its charming little streets filled with beautiful colorful colonial houses. Its little squares filled with street musicians, dancers and streetfood stands will make you fall in love.  Oh Cartagena, you just have it all. Located on the Caribean Coast of Colombia, this city isContinue reading “COLOMBIA X CARTAGENA”


Are you looking for a place to be swept off your feet by the beauty of nature? Are you wiling to challenge yourself by climbing some stairs in order to be overwhelmed? Are you looking for a mix of nature and colonial architecture combined in a place filled with stillness but where some Spanish musicContinue reading “COLOMBIA X GUATAPE”